Dynacorp produces the industry’s most innovative, technically sophisticated and carefully designed sand filtration equipment. Our technology leadership covers:

  • The basic filtration concept;
  • The careful engineering of our lineup of models to suit various production streams;
  • The blowdown vessel that adds tremendously to sand capacity and reduces manual cleanout frequency; and
  • Automation features that make filtration operation more convenient, reliable and safe.

Dynacorp’s sand filtration technology innovations are aimed at maximizing operating convenience and efficiency while ensuring reliability and safety.

Technology innovations:

  • Differential pressure sensors and switches
  • Hydrate breaker
  • Integration with producer’s SCADA system and flow control

These innovations support the following special features/functions:

  • Automated sand-dump into blowdown vessel
  • Automatic electronic call-outs notifying your operators when it is time for sand removal or filter cleaning
  • Automated safety shut-downs when required, such as during pressure spikes or should the unit fill completely with sand
    • Traditional timed cleanouts don’t work because of varying sand production
    • Auto-call avoids screen clogging/collapse due to lack of maintenance
  • Full automation through the addition of a smart PLC box to control the sand choke and incoming fluid and gas volumes


  • Maximized uptime
  • Minimized operational risks
  • User-friendly
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced operator time on-site


We work hard to meet our brand promise to you, the customer.

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Dynacorp Advantage

Complete in-house capabilities. Dynacorp is not a “re-seller”.

Industry-leading technology and design features.

Dynacorp provides 3D design renderings.

Dynacorp provides 3D design renderings.

Modern facilities, all certifications, expert professionals and tradespeople.

Thorough quality control, QC documents finalized when product is shipped – not months later.

Ship skid-mounted or piling-ready equipment.

Customer Benefit

Direct access to all in-house design, engineering and fabrication services. Single-point-of-contact relationship.

You receive a new performance level in sand filtration.

Customer can visualize end-result. Easy to make design changes. Assurance that “everything will fit”.

Confidence in high and consistent manufacturing quality.

Lower risks, greater confidence.

Match your installation needs.

The Leader in Sand Management

We guarantee 100% sand filtration or high efficiency de-sanding coupled with full field support for start ups, training and on-site commissioning.

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