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We guarantee 100% Sand Filtration or high efficiency de-sanding coupled with full field support for start ups, training and on-site commissioning.


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Suite 510, 815 8th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 3P2
Phone: 403 217-1332
Fax: 403 718-0286



10201 88 Ave
Clairmont, Alberta, T0H 0W0
Phone: 780 538-0037
Fax: 780 538-9226


5910 FM 1788
Midland, Texas 79707
Phone: 713 212-9604

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Whatever your challenge, we have a solution.

  • Connector.

    I have very sour wells and a high concentration of H2S.

    A: Add a blow-down to any of our solutions.

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    Limited capex is available this year.

    A: Do a long term rent to own contract.

  • Connector.

    I don’t see a solution in your portfolio that has the right footprint for my leases

    A: We’ll custom engineer and build the solution for you.

  • Connector.

    We don’t want to clean out our sand filter manually.

    A: Add a Dynacorp blow-down vessel and reduce/eliminate your maintenance time for cleaning.

  • Connector.

    My requirement for sand management is short term.

    A: Dynacorp offers competitive month to month rental contracts that can’t be beat.

  • Connector.

    We’re tired of sand carry over from our current “desanders.”

    A: Dynacorp’s patented solutions are true sand filters which capture all the sand. We guarantee it.

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    We want to build a pad-style or plant desander.

    A:We will custom engineer and build a unit that can handle any flowrate.

  • Connector.

    My operators don’t know when to clean out the “desanders.”

    A: Use our automation and sand monitoring systems to alert your operators of sand build up.