Dynacorp’s goal is to have an injury and incident-free workplace. We are committed to a strong safety program that:

  • Protects our workers, customers and the public;
  • Protects our facilities and equipment, and our customers’ assets;
  • Safeguards the environment; and
  • Complies with government legislation and regulation in all operating areas, including OSHA requirements in the United States.

As of May 2015, Dynacorp had operated company-wide for two full years without a lost-time incident.

Dynacorp has a dedicated safety manager plus a safety advisor. By protecting our workers, we are also safeguarding their families, friends, fellow workers, management, the public and the environment from the far-reaching effects of serious incidents.

This also preserves Dynacorp’s ability to continue doing business and employing people.


Dynacorp provides the following safety measures, all of which are customized to the company’s specific operating conditions:

  • A comprehensive in-house safety training program;
  • Numerous courses including first aid, fall protection, confined space and overhead crane for all shop workers;
  • Workers are only permitted to operate equipment after receiving the proper training;
  • For field workers, all safety training required by customers, including major companies, such as H2S Alive, Gas Detection and other requirements;
  • Safety advisors attend the Train the Trainer program, so that Dynacorp’s in-house courses are recognized across the industry;
  • A drug and alcohol program that includes pre-employment testing plus individual substance abuse testing upon reasonable cause.
  • All required safety equipment;
  • Well-maintained, modern trucks and shop equipment for safe operations; and
  • Customized shop equipment that contributes to safer working conditions, such as on and around pressure vessels.

At Dynacorp, safety is everyone’s business.

Management supports and expects participation in the safety program by all workers.

In return for receiving comprehensive safety training, equipment and working under safety-oriented management, workers are expected to take responsible for their safety and that of fellow workers.They are to inform supervisors of any unsafe work conditions and must report all incidents and near-misses immediately. This approach is consistent with Dynacorp’s philosophy of equipping its people properly, and then giving its people responsibility and the freedom to excel in their jobs.


All Dynacorp employees, including management and supervisors, administrative employees, tradespeople and labourers, contractors and sub-contractors are responsible and accountable for obeying all safety rules, following safe work practices and procedures, and wearing the required personal protective equipment. Everyone has not only the right but the obligation to refuse work when they are aware of unsafe conditions. Those who knowingly violate our safety rules may face disciplinary action, dismissal or legal action.


Dynacorp treats basic safety and health legislation as a minimum standard rather than a maximum.

By fulfilling our safety responsibilities, everyone who works for our company will share the benefits of a safe workplace.

The safety information on the web page does not take precedence over the Occupational Health and Safety Act, regulations and codes (in Canada) or OSHA (in the United States). All employees should be familiar with the legislation and regulations as these pertain to their work.

We utilize Simply Safety in our facilities.

Dynacorp is a member of ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, and the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA).

Dynacorp holds its Certificate of Recognition (COR), the primary regulatory document in Alberta attesting that a company has a recognized safety management system, through the ACSA. Dynacorp scored 97 percent on its most recent external COR audit, conducted in 2015.


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